(ISSN: 2446-6166)

COORDINATION: Erasmo Valladão Azevedo e Novaes França e Nelson Eizirik.

EDITORIAL BOARD: Erasmo Valladão Azevedo e Novaes França, Nelson Eizirik, Otávio Yazbek, Joseph McCahery, Marcelo Vieira Von Adamek, André Antunes Soares Camargo, Ana Cláudia Karam Abdallah, Erik Frederico Oioli, Evandro Fernandes Pontes, Luis André de Moura Azevedo, José Romeu Garcia do Amaral, Marcelo Godke Veiga, Igor Muniz e Walfrido Jorge Warde Júnior.

TECHNICAL COUNCIL: Erik Frederico Oioli, Marina Coppola, Luis Felipe Spinelli, Antonio Jorge Pereira Júnior e Luciana Simões Rebello Horta.

EXECUTIVE BOARD: Evandro Fernandes Pontes, Erik Frederico Oioli e José Romeu Garcia do Amaral.


Erasmo Valladão Azevedo e Novaes França

Nelson Eizirik

Otávio Yazbek

Joseph McCahery

Marcelo Vieira Von Adamek

André Antunes Soares Camargo

Ana Cláudia Karam Abdallah

Erik Frederico Oioli

Evandro Fernandes Pontes

Luis André de Moura Azevedo

José Romeu Garcia do Amaral

Marcelo Godke Veiga

Igor Muniz

Walfrido Jorge Warde Júnior



In 2015 , the Journal of Corporate and Securities , together with Editora Almedina , against the wave of so many discouraging news , recorded its debut in May, with a success crowned by its rapid depletion . Looking for your perusal and for high-level contributions exceeded all expectations , showing the positive side of market characteristics and Brazilian society , that even in times of crisis , presents its noble willingness to work and debate. In the year that the IDSA – Corporate Law Institute of Applied – Complete 10 years, this magazine in volume 2 , has the honor and , why not say, claim to dedicate this volume in honor of 10 years of work , achievements and results that have influenced a whole generation of young societaristas and passionate about the topic .

Journal of the Executive Board of Corporate and Securities


and technical accuracy to be imposed by the magazine.

Thus, every six months and with the editorial assistance of Almedina, this magazine will try to bring what is most modern and relevant in current debates discussed in the Company Law and the Securities Law, always in the months of May and November , months of extreme importance to these two areas of law.

Over the editions, the magazine will also try to reflect the most important issues in the European Court CVM, either through the Board decisions, or through opinions of their technical areas, accompanied by comments from members of the Editorial Board of the magazine or experts .

In the long run, the magazine will hold three fixed sections, namely, Corporate Law, Securities Law and Foreign Law (involving these two areas), and comprising in special volumes some specific sections that meet specific demands identified with the adopted editorial one or more volumes.

The magazine will feature the co-chairmanship of Erasmus Valladão Azevedo Novaes and France, which will take care with greater emphasis of issues related to the Company Law and Eizirik Nelson, who will take care with greater emphasis of issues related to the Securities Law.

The co-chairs are assisted by an Editorial Board composed of Otavio Yazbek, Joseph McCahery, Marcelo Vieira von Adamek, André Antunes Soares de Camargo, Ana Claudia Karam Abdallah, Luis André de Moura Azevedo, Marcelo Godke Veiga, Igor Muniz, José Romeu Garcia do Amaral, Erik Frederick Oioli and Evandro Fernandes bridges. The Council defines editorial guidelines and assists in collaboration topics and articles.

The magazine also has a Technical Council, whose main function is to develop the peer review, one of the independence criteria used by magazines in the US and Europe. It is chaired by Erik Frederick Oioli and composed of Marina Coppola, Daniela M. L. Sanchez Andrei and Luis Felipe Spinelli.

The executive board of the magazine was done by Erik Oioli, José Romeu Amaral and Evandro Pontes.

With this, we hope that this inaugural volume open once a tradition in Brazil for these two areas so lacking in a regular space of debate and serving ideas.


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